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lokdeep public school faculty

IT has been well said “A dedicated and sincere faculty is the foundation stone for the proper functioning of a school”. Faculty at LDPS is:-

F - Fabulous
A - Accessible
C - Capable
U - Unique
L - Loyal
T - Tolerant
Y - Young

LDPS is proud to have a team of sincere, dedicated and self-motivated faculty. They explore the limitless potential of young minds by imparting education with love, devotion and creative means. Their focus is always on the all-round development of the students and to prepare them for tomorrow’s competitive world. LDPS faculty works on 3D’s formul :

“Determination, Dedication and Devotion”

Teacher provides valuable and unique professional service to the nation. By guiding student in the development of high ideals and true appreciation of the freedom and responsibilities of Indian citizen ship. The highly qualified, dedicated, well trains in relation with professional staff of the school works parents to ensure that both home and school provide the best environment for the development of the child.
Our effects is focused on providing opportunity to educate child to explore his or her own capability and area of interest.