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Principal Message


I love for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven that bends above me and for the good that I can do. India is the 5th developing nation in the world and it is the aim of Lokdeep Public School to tell the world community that our young talent is the best in all respects. That is why we are working day and night to uplift the education level.

Lokdeep Public School believes that more important task is to make our children understand their moral responsibilities that to simply educate them.

The Purpose of maintaining the Progress Reports of children is that we should keep their track records in track reflecting their attributes, qualities and the areas where they are lagging so that a special curriculum may be prepared and applied to each student.

Hence, we expect a strong co-operation by parents with our management to fulfil their ward’s aspirations for a successful career.

We have to guide our children the best way of living. Therefore it is the duty of parents to provide a healthy school atmosphere by a proper selection of right institution.

I am grateful to each parent/ guardian who by admitting their ward in Lokdeep Public School have a dream for a bright future and a noble citizen of India.

I wish to assure you all that I will not spare any stone unturned in fulfilling this dream.


lokdeep public school principal

“ Yesterday is beyond repair, Tomorrow way never come,
Today alone is ours, Make the best use of it, as it is your sole, sure possession.”